Four SIMPLE Steps To Remove Manufacturer Labels From African Wax Fabrics

Anka Manufacturer Label

Have you ever bought an African Wax Fabric, only to discover the gigantic manufacturer label on the fabric smiling at you to take on the challenge of removing it? This is supposed to easily come off the fabric, but sometimes, you require a simple 4 step process to take it off.

5 Reasons Why Our Ankara Facemasks Are A Must-Have

It has been almost 3 months and somehow, we have managed to adapt to 2020 and become familiar with popular terms like social distancing, flatten the curve, quarantine, isolation, lockdown and we have also gotten used to wearing facemasks if we have to go out because you know, we have to try to not get the virus. Facemasks which have become an essential commodity are now scarce and quite on the high side.